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Translucent Yellow PETG Filament - 1.75mm (1KG)

Translucent Yellow PETG Filament - 1.75mm (1KG)

PETG is a much tougher alternative to PLA and is much easier to print than ABS. With PETG filament you get the benefit of a nice smooth finish, and much stronger, more heat resistant prints, without the odor, or having to use a heated print bed. If you are looking for truly strong prints without the added difficulty of ABS, then try PETG.

1Kg spool of Yellow PETG 3D printer filament

Difference Between PET & PETG

The main difference between PET and PETG is definitely just that G at the end. The G stands for glycol which, when added to the plastic, changes the composition completely and makes it much more heat and shock resistant that its counterpart. It also makes the resulting print much stronger, though a little more prone to scratching.


For more information, check out our Success Guide for Printing with PETG filament