Steampunk Globe 3D Print (with .STL files)

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For those of you looking for cool Steampunk genre 3D print, the Maker globe is right up your alley. We found this globe print on and decided to give it a go. Don’t worry, links to the STL files so you can print this yourself are linked below. This print is divide into three sections, the base, and the bottom and tops halves of the globe.  We took on this project with our new Flashforge Finder 3D Printer just to see how it would come out and what sort of resolution was possible with it. It turned out quite well! We ended up having to scale down the size since the original STL files were much larger than the build area of our printer.  Once scaled to print in our build volume, it took about 3 hours to print the base, 5 hours to print the bottom half of the globe, and then 7 hours to print the top half. This was with the default settings, opting for resolution rather than speed.

Here it is in white. We printed the base before realizing that the globe was going to be too big for the build area, but it ended up looking pretty cool. Our Flashforge Finder 3D Printer did quite an excellent job for its first print on default settings. In the next one I think we will slow it down a bit and see what our results look like.

If you are looking for cool 3D prints we definitely recommend as a great place to start.


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