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Everything we do is based on the belief that 3D printing is the future and will empower each and every one of us by allowing us to unleash our creativity, create our own necessities, and be a little more kind to the environment. It is our goal to create a world, where you don’t go to the store to purchase a new tool or kitchen utensil. You instead, make it at home in a matter of minutes and its even in your favorite color. We believe in exploring each new avenue that this new technology presents and finding ways that it can help you in your day to day life.

E-Nable 3D Printing limbs for those who have lost them


We also believe in giving back. That is why a portion of every sale will be donated to e-nable, an organization that helps promote 3D printing education around the world, as well as new 3D printed prosthetic limbs to those in need around the world.


AutomateMyTech.com is a place where companies and 3D printing enthusiasts alike can compare the quality and price of different 3D printer filament, parts and the printers themselves. This saves the end user lots of time trying to find the best quality or the right quality filament and parts for their specific project.


portland skyline
Founder of AutomateMyTech

Dustin saw the infinite potential of 3D printing from the word go, and has endeavored to make it a part of our every day lives in a very real way. Dustin is a nerdy website programmer from Las Vegas Nevada that has an intense love for new technology, his family and good pizza.